If suicide was a solution, the world would’ve ended a long time ago

Life is such a precious gift of God and so it’s natural for humans to take it for granted. Nobody in this world has a perfect life. There’ll always be ups and there will always be downs. There will be times when you’ll feel like the happiest person in the world. And there’ll also be times when you’ll feel it’s not worth to live any longer.

Newspapers & channels these days are filled with the articles reporting suicides committed last day. Not only do such news make one sad, it also causes negativity in the reader in the very morning when more positive thoughts should home in the mind ideally.

More or less, it’s the depression or a feeling “My life has no meaning. Why did god create me?” that makes a person show this reaction. And that depression comes from the pressure we, ourselves and the society put on us. But do you think that society does even care for it?

Believe me if some Mr. Sharma says that he hoped that you’d do better in your exams and that he had stopped eating food and stopped having sex with his wife, ever since you failed in your exams, he is just trying to gossip around. Neither he nor his entire family would offer you a glass of water on a hot day.

In a sense, you are actually trying  to please people who don’t give a shit of what you do. They are those judgmental hypocrites who want you to do everything that they can’t even think of achieving and they want to see you fail. They think you are a loser and you, by deciding to end your life are only proving them right.

If you are the one who has one of the problems below and are thinking of ending your life, let me tell you there are people who have far worse problems and situations than the ones you have. In fact if you are able to read this very article, you are probably more privileged than 80% of world population.

  • Low marks in exam results and you think you won’t be able to do anything with this life (Ever heard of Einstein?)
  • Loss in business – (Hmm, you are probably the first one who has gone through that right?)
  • Lost money in gambling (Dude, It is called gambling for a reason)
  • Girlfriend left and you feel alone (Don’t worry girls are like that)
  • Boyfriend left and you feel alone (Don’t worry boys are also like that)
  • Had a fight with your spouse (Come on, when there is love, there is fight. Why not talk to them?)
  • Can’t pay bank loans (Really, people have done better than committing suicide. Not that you should do the same though :p)
  • Can’t have sex? (Lol, not a good enough reason)
  • Lost a child (or a dear person) (I’m sorry, but if you commit suicide, your parents would also lose one, want a chain reaction?)
  • You are suffering from an incurable disease (Shouldn’t you live every moment twice?)
  • In-laws torture for dowry (Shouldn’t they commit suicide…Why you? Ask them to read this article when they decide to)
  • Couldn’t win an election (You are not committing suicide…A politician never does)
  • Any other reason you can think of(I bet it’s not going to be good enough anyways)

A Short Story

Once there was a teacher who gave his students blank papers of different colors and asked them to write down their problems on their page, fold and put them in an empty glass that the teacher had put in the center. The teacher then shook the glass and asked the students to pick a paper of the color different from what they wrote on. He asked them to raise their hands when they want the problem they wrote on their paper exchanged with the one they have now.


What happened next was no surprise. None of the student liked the others’ problem. They were rather content with their own ones.

Do you know what it means? Just because you have problem doesn’t mean there is no solution to it. The God has chosen you to solve that problem. There is somebody else somewhere in this world, who has got a more severe problem and yet he wants to live because unlike you, he wants to solve that problem rather than run away from it.

You may be thinking that its so easy for me to say this. That only you know the true pain of what it feels. Of course I don’t know your problem and I won’t even ask you about that if you don’t want. But let me tell you, I also have my own share of problems that I would like to actually solve rather than thinking of ending my life.

But because you are reading this, you’re probably one who are going through a serious crisis or may be know some one who is going through a similar phase and you’d wish to help and inspire them.

Here are 8 things you should try when you’ve decided not to live any longer. One of these will definitely change your thinking.

1. Visit a Temple, a Mosque or a Church or any other sacred place


People don’t go to temple to find God. People don’t go to Mosque or Church to see some magic. They go there because there is an obvious flow of positive energy at such a sacred place. Do go to such a place and spend half an hour each day for 7 days. After all, you’ve lived for so long, why not 7 more days. You might want to reconsider your options after this time.

2. Go to an Orphanage


Ever visited an orphanage? If not, you should. There are lot of kids there who are orphans and yet when you meet them, you’d find how each of them has a dream and how they are working towards achieving it. They don’t have parents who care for them. They don’t have any relatives who can look after them. It’s their spirit that keeps them living their life to the fullest.

3. Visit Old-Age Home


Old age homes are places where aged people, who have been discarded by their families live together. Visit them once and you’ll see they have gone through much harder days in their lives than what you are going through now. Can there be anything worse than being disowned by your own children?

4. Visit an Airport


This is a place where you’ll see lot of happiness. Parents hugging their son who was out of country for more than 2 years. Grannies meeting their grand-sons for the first time. Fathers saying good byes to their newly wedded daughters. Try it. You’ll find people are hopeful and their hopes do become reality.

5. Visit Lake Side


Go to a place where there is a lake or silent beach. See the distant Sun rising in the very morning. Close your eyes and try to feel the fresh air on your face. This is nature’s way of telling you why life is worth living.

6. Feed a hungry man


Do you know how many people sleep empty stomach every day. I hope you are not one of them. Of course you are not, if you are reading this. Give food to a hungry person. The feeling you get after you do this will give you a reason to live, if not much.

7. Think about your parents


How does it feel to think that one of your parent has committed suicide? Disgusting? Horrible? That’s how your parents will feel if you don’t rethink your options. They didn’t grow you up to see you dead. Nobody does. Do you need more reasons to live when the most vital is to take care of your parents and make them happy?

8. Talk, Share & Laugh


This is the most powerful of all. If you keep your problems burn you inside, you’ll never feel better. Instead visit some public places. Talk to people. Talk to your family. Tell them about your problems. Listen to their jokes. Follow their advice.

When we share our problems, we are just cutting them down. The people who care for you, no doubt how far they are, will surely help you to find a solution which will be far better and promising than the one you thought.

“Never, ever, ever quit. Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate and depression in your heart will consume you too. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.”